services overview

At Quasar Industries, we can take your concept from design through prototype and limited production and deliver a product of precision quality. We are constantly seeking new ways of improving efficiency… finding ways of saving our customers time and money. We work for industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, entertainment and theme parks. We invite you to put our experience to work for you.

Design & Engineering

Our 18 CAD/CAM workstations utilize the latest software, including CATIA. We not only design your tool, but also simulate cutter paths to make certain they are accurate, before the tool is made. At Quasar Industries, we use innovative software known as PAM-STAMP. This new millennium tool simulates the stamping process before a tool is ever cut. This software allows us to predict stress points, perform circle grid analysis, and determine press tonnage requirements.

18 CAD/CAM Workstations
PAM-STAMP Stamping simulation software
Saves time, Saves steps, Saves money


At Quasar Industries, quality is something you can take for granted. Our reputation is on the line and we treat every job… every part… just that way. Our Quality Assurance Department validates components using 3-D layouts and CMM verification. Since we have equipment in-house, you get immediate feedback. We have 6 manual and programmable Coordinate Measurement Machines that handle inspection from prototype to production. And we provide you with all the necessary documentation.