When it comes to expert component assembly, Quasar excels. We manufacture all of our assembly tooling and fixtures in-house, giving us the ability to modify the fixtures to guarantee the end product meets your every specification.

We have the capability to assemble your components in multiple fashions:

  • Welding
    • Robotic MIG welding
      • Fanuc Robotic arm with 2 Fanuc Turn-tables coupled with a Lincoln Robotic Power Supply
      • Laser welding
      • Certified MIG and TIG welding
        • All welders are certified to each process used.
        • We have the capability to test all welds to AWS, military and automotive weld standards.
        • Welds are verified by microscopic weld analysis using PAX-IT weld software on an Olympus Microscope.
  • Spot Welding
  • Spin Riveting
  • Sheet Metal Clinching – TOX Clinch Procedure