Hydroforming, Tubular

With the introduction of the Schuler Hydroforming Press in 2006, Quasar Industries continues to maximize its capacity for bigger and better jobs overseen and completed on-site from start to finish.

Whether you have existing tooling or require new tooling, our team has the expertise and knowledge required to meet your needs. Our team members possess the years of experience necessary to manufacture the tooling for tube bending, pre-form or pre-crush, and Hydroforming. We also have the capacity to prove out our tooling designs with our PAMSTAMP tube bending/Hydroforming simulation software. In addition, we have the ability to produce tubing shapes and sizes that customized to fit your design requirements.

Hydroform Press Capabilities

  • 178” x 85” bed size
  • 75” daylight opening and 35” slide stroke
  • 5,500 ton clamping force
  • 58,000 psi (4,000 bar) internal forming pressure
  • Rapid flood fill
  • Hydro-Piercing
  • Hydraulics can be controlled using position, pressure or force.
  • Multiple auxiliary hydraulic ports for additional cylinder functions