laser welding

Thanks to the qualified and experienced craftsmen who operate our state-of-the-art laser welding systems, we at Quasar Industries are accustomed to successfully creating and building components for our clients which require incredible precision. We have been perfecting our laser welding capabilities for since the late 1970’s. Laser Welding is a quick and effective way to assemble high-tolerance components. Using Laser Welding over conventional welding gives you more accurate weld positions and consistent weld profiles, while minimizing the heat-affected zones.

  • (3) 3axis Laser Weld Systems
  • Weld penetration up to 8mm in depth
  • Table sizes:  72”x24” & 48”x48”
  • Over 8,000 watts of power
  • Tailor welded blanks, high tolerance transmission components
  • All of our 3&5 axis Laser Cutting Systems have the capacity to laser weld
  • Macroetch verification using PAX-IT weld software on an Olympus Microscope.