about us

Quasar Industries’ rise to industry leader as a vastly diversified prototype and short run stamper and fabricator began with the modest start of the company’s founder, Leroy Peterson who opened his original tool-and-die shop in his garage in 1967. Over 45 successful years later, Quasar boldly stands in the spotlight as a technological innovator with widely noted and continual advances in precision procedures, namely in laser processing and, most recently, hydroforming.

Today a second generation, family owned and, female owned business operated by our CEO Denise Higgins, Quasar Industries is proud to be a trusted name in excellence in parts production servicing industries that include defense, automotive, appliance, aerospace and more.

Our expanding equipment portfolio, continual improvement policy, readiness to invest in equipment and software plus four key equipment patents set Quasar Industries apart from the competition and mark us a leader in the global manufacturing field. The exciting and constant expansion of Quasar’s in-house capabilities in design, engineering, machining and manufacturing include generating 210 actives jobs in the market and supporting 30 major customers with new clients joining the Quasar family every year.

At Quasar Industries, we take great pride in customer service and relationships. We welcome you to test our technological expertise and to experience our core belief that our staff is key to our success in a competitive market. Our highly trained team rises the challenges of new product development of parts big and small.

With our certifications in ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001, you can rely on the experts at Quasar Industries when it comes to assuring optimal quality. From start to finish, from concept to produced product, our fine work with state-of-the-art equipment and experts in design, stamping and welding places us as a successor in quick-turnaround prototyping for a diversified and growing spectrum of industries.

We invite you to join our family of clients to truly experience the Quasar advantage by sharing ideas and suggestions throughout the precise production of your part as we bring your great ideas to life.

Our Mission Statement

The goal for our employees is to produce the highest quality prototypes using Quasar’s state-of-the-art technology and machinery. Every product we produce is built to strict guidelines of quality assurance and is inspected during processing, and again upon completion.

Quasar Industries’ Quality Assurance Program ensures that our products meet our customers’ specifications. Our Quality Assurance Lab validates all components for conformance utilizing three-dimensional layouts and electronic verification.

We are governed by “lean” manufacturing principles and continually search for new ways to streamline our processes in order to bring our customers a part that made right on a deadline and to budget specifications.