When it comes to expert component assembly, Quasar has superior equipment, skill and expertise. We manufacture all of our assembly tooling and fixtures in-house, which enables us to manufacture and modify assembly fixtures ensuring that the end product meets your specifications and expectations.

We have the range and diversity to assemble your components in multiple fashions:

  • Welding
    • Robotic MIG Welding; Fanuc Robotic arm with 2 Fanuc Turn-tables coupled with a Lincoln Robotic Power Supply
    • Laser Welding
    • Certified MIG and TIG Welding
    • Spot Welding
    • Spin Riveting
    • Glue & Rivet Assembly
    • Sheet Metal Clinching
  • All welders are certified to each process used.
  • We proficiently test all welds to AWS, military and automotive weld standards.
  • Welds are verified by microscopic weld analysis using PAX-IT weld software on an Olympus SZX7 Stereo Microscope, PAXcam3 Digital Camera with PAX-it Software.