Quasar has over 50 years of expertise in stamping, forming and producing deep drawn components. We have over 25 mechanical and hydraulic presses, 15 hydraulic press brakes and 23 pneumatic press brakes ready for your project! Our press capacity ranges from 50 to 5,500 tons with binder forces up to 600 tons, and bed sizes up to 15’x7’. Together with the expertise of our highly skilled craftsmen and vast equipment inventory, we will flawlessly deliver high quality stampings on time and within your budget!

  • Deep Drawn Stamping, up to 16″ deep
  • Deep Drawn Extrusions
  • Precision Stampings
  • Short Run Production
  • Blanking
  • Progressive and Transfer Dies
  • Various materials: mild steel, high-strength steels, aluminum, stainless, Inconel, Domex, and Dual Phase.
  • Forming force: 50 to 5,500 tons and up to 600 tons of binder force
  • Bed sizes ranging from 2′ x 2′ up to 15′ x 7′